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While Perth, Western Australia is considered to be one of the most isolated cities in the world, it operates an extensive bus and suburban rail network that rivals other urban and more densely populated cities. All public buses in Perth carry the Transperth branding, and they are operated by either one of the three privately-owned bus operators Transdev WA (or Southern Coast Transit), Path Transit (Keolis Downer) and Swan Transit (Transit Systems/Tower Transit) through 10-year contracts gained by competitive tendering since 1996. Frequencies typically range from 15 minutes to an hour; Transperth publishes its full timetables to the public for all its services.

Almost all of the fully accessible buses in Perth were bodied by Volgren. The WA government had always procured buses from Mercedes-Benz for close to 2 decades, but in 2011 the contract for new buses switched hands to Volvo. Perth's articulated buses (known as artics) regularly operate through some of the steepest and narrowest roads in various residential areas of the city.

While the two cities share many common features, the connection between Perth and Singapore was only first made in 2004, with the tour of a Transperth OC500LE CNG demonstrator unit in Singapore that helped to shape the landscape of a new generation of wheelchair-accessible buses in Singapore's public transportation system. This connection became closer than ever before in May 2014, when Land Transport Authority of Singapore used Transperth's/Public Transport Authority's model (and London to some extent) as the basis for Singapore's competitive bus tendering. This model is set to reshape Singapore's public bus industry starting from 2016 and its first winner came none other from an operator born out of the start of this very Transperth model back in 1995.

Transperth is also considered to be a forefront leader of technological trials for public buses. It previously operated two fuel-cell bus trials, a O405ENH and then three O530BZ Citaros. A Volvo B5RLE Hybrid trial is currently ongoing on its CAT shuttle routes since Feburary 2013, more than one year before SBS Transit introduced its own B5RLE Hybrid road trial in Singapore.

Because Transperth buses are government-owned and are visually insignificant to distinguish between operators (for wheelchair accessible buses, only a small decal in text listing the operator is placed at the side window), photographs are sorted only by their respective bus model.