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The Fuji-bodied Nissan Diesel and Hino buses represented the roots and early days of Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS). Following the retirement of U31SCN's last TIBS/CSS unit by March 2004, the U31RCN became the last model of its generation to be in revenue service, and the only model to be carried over to SMRT's era. They were originally purchased under Singapore Shuttle Bus's name. Of the 50 buses, 26 of them were originally fitted with air-conditioning units from Fuji. They were in revenue service between 1992 and 2012.

Powered by the PE6H engine (11,607cc) and fitted with ZF 4HP500 automatic transmission, these buses have features that are not seen in subsequent European models (and even the later-generation of Hino buses had their bodywork from Australia rather than Japan!). They were the last to have the heavy rear sliding door and bench seats with full cushion. As with other buses, all non-air-conditioned U31RCN have undergone conversion, with very little change made to its interior. It was also the first bus to feature Lawo Luminator Europa's (now LAWO) dot-matrix electronic destination sign (EDS), who was to be a supplier for many years to come.

Due to the general public's poor perception of old buses, they were largely confined to rural and suburban routes such as 178 and 853 up to the point of retirement. This is despite that they perform more reliably than the Scanias and perhaps even the DAFs.