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Although SMB138Y helped to create a new long-term relationship between SMRT and MAN in the years to follow, this demonstrator was eventually returned to the dealer ST Kinetics in 2012. By 2014, the bus was spotted intact in the premises of Gemilang Coachworks at Senai, Malaysia.

SMB138Y's MCV eVolution bodywork and all non-chassis parts were then totally dismantled in the process, including its air-con, doors, EDS, etc. It subsequently received a new bodywork from Gemilang Coachworks that matched its SMRT production batch counterparts and was built to Australian specifications, using Alcan's EcoRange aluminum-based technology.

The re-bodied bus was then delivered to Carbridge and operated as a staff bus at Sydney Airport, New South Wales, Australia in November 2015. It featured luggage racks after the front right wheel-arch and a wheelchair ramp at the front door section. It also received a new overhead air-conditioning unit supplied by Thermo King. The NL323F chassis itself fundamentally remains unchanged. As of 2018, it has since been transferred for shuttle operations at Perth Airport, Western Australia.

BYD logos can be found all over the livery of this bus upon delivery. It was ascertained that BYD is unlikely to have any technical relationship with this particular bus. While no definitive or official explanation is available yet for the livery, it was previously known that Carbridge tested a BYD Electric Bus since November 2014 under a pilot program in Australia.