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Following a Volgren-bodied demonstrator bendy bus (TIB1024H) that entered service in 2000, Trans Island Bus Services followed up in 2001 with a purchase of 20 more units. This batch of O405G articulated buses received the updated CR221 bodywork from Volgren Australia. It was last model to be introduced under its name before it was acquired and rebranded by SMRT.

These buses were powered by the turbocharged and intercooled Mercedes Benz OM447hLA engine (11,967cc) that is Euro II compliant, and Batch One Volgren O405Gs were fitted with 4-speed ZF 4HP 500 automatic.

EDS was from Transit Media and underfloor air-conditioning by Konvekta or Hispacold. The two exits of each Volgren O405 unit were fitted with plug doors, and Batch One Volgren O405Gs had standard-sized windows. Batch One units were registered TIB1178Y to TIB1182J (excluding demonstrator TIB1024H). These buses are usually seen on Woodlands feeder services at the northern section of Singapore.