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Subsequently, SMRT Buses was satisfied with OC500LE's performance, and made a further purchase of 67 units. These Batch Two buses were introduced in July 2009, bringing the total fleet to 134 buses. Registered SMB2E to SMB67T, these Batch Two OC500LEs had a few slight changes made to their interior. All units were assembled by the Thailand-based Thonburi Busbody, with the bodywork supplied by Gemilang. The Batch Two OC500LE were mechanically similar to their earlier counterparts, only with different colour seat covers and a few aesthetic additions to the interior.

The OC500LE was the first wheelchair-accessible bus (WAB) introduced by SMRT Buses. Launched in 2008, It featured the improved OM457hLA turbocharged engine (11,967cc) with the ZF 6HP 592C Ecomat six-gear automatic transmission. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology was used for exhaust treatment, which requires the use of AdBlue to meet the stringent emission standards. The Lawo BENEFIT EDS (orange colour) is LED-based and now standard within the industry, replacing previous flip-dot models. A new interior scheme that would become the standard of new SMRT buses and future refurbishments was adopted, and each OC500LE was installed with Konvekta air-conditioning unit.