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This batch of 50 buses (including 8 PA-registered) were built by UMW-Dennis in Malaysia and bore strong resemblance, in particular the interior configuration, to the ones Triton, Causeway Link and other Malaysian operators have in service. First introduced in 1998, they originally used plastic destination signs but converted to TwinVision LeDot EDS supplied by Transit Media a few years later. Almost all units were originally fitted with Sutrak air-conditioning.

Along with the UK-built Lances, they were the last buses in then Trans-Island to be bodied by Duple Metsec. All TIB-plated (TIB906U to TIB946D) and the last two PA-plated (PA644Y and PA4076K) units were powered by the Cummins CTA8.3 (8,268cc) which is Euro II compliant and rated at 245hp, fitted with 4-speed ZF 4HP500 transmission. Earlier PA-plated buses under SMRT's chartering wing used the Cummins CT8.3 engine which is Euro I compliant and rated at 211hp.

One unit was initially registered CSS310U and went to the City Shuttle Service (CSS), and was subsequently returned to SMRT Buses as TIB1257C when the subsidiary folded up.

All UMW-Dennis buses except PA-registered units were prematurely withdrawn by SMRT in 2013.