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While most of the Scania L113CRL low-entry chassis purchased by then-TIBS received the Alexander Strider body (under air-conditioned operations), a small number of 15 units were bodied by the Greek Hellenic Vehicle Industry, or ELBO/ΕΛΒΟ/ELVO. Introduced in 1996, they were originally non-conditioned and were considered to be the first step-free entrance and low-entry buses in Singapore. They were also to be the last non-conditioned buses to be purchased by a public transport operator in Singapore. These buses were powered by the Scania DSC1171 engine (11,020cc) and fitted with 4-speed ZF 4HP 500 automatic transmission.

As part of the drive to make its entire fleet air-conditioned, these buses underwent conversion and its fan ducts became the air-con ducts by the turn of the century. Overhead air-conditioning units from Hispacold were installed. However, the desired outcome did not went as well as it was planned, it contributed to the higher deprecation of the bus. Subsequently, a few of them had to be laid up, and there is talk that these buses face the prospect of early retirement as early as 2009.

However, most others have since remained in operation and in 2010 the remaining fleet of ELBOs underwent refurbishment. The distinctive sliding windows were removed, original Arianne Fainsa seats replaced with the standard Vogelsitze and the interior panels repainted. The original flip-dot EDS supplied by Mobitec was retained. These buses were usually seen running on suburban services, outside the city area. The entire fleet was withdrawn from service by end-March 2013.