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Two batches of DAF SB220 existed in the history of Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS). only has photos of the second batch buses.

The first batch of 55 buses introduced in 1990 were the first ever European buses to be introduced by TIBS, who previously had a full-Japanese fleet of Hinos and Nissan Diesels. It provided a glimpse of the 90s generation of TIBS buses on the roads of Singapore. The bodywork was supplied by Hispano Carrocera S.A. of Spain, who was to supply several more units (O405 and O405Gs) in the next decade to come. Another first for TIBS was the use of the electronic destination sign (EDS), dot-matrix equipment supplied by BKB Electronica S.A. that was to eventually become the standard feature of all TIBS buses. The air-conditioning unit was supplied by Hispacold. Powered by the DAF LT160L engine (11,627cc) and fitted with a ZF4HP500 four-speed automatic transmission, these buses made its mark both on TIBS and CSS services. Upon retirement, these units were sold to New Zealand, where they were still operated in their largely original condition.

The second batch of 50 buses were introduced five years after and had little resemblance to the earlier ones, save for the engine. They were fitted with Voith D851.3 three-speed automatic transmission, and uses Lawo Luminator Europa (now LAWO) flip-dot EDS. Bodied by Walter Alexander under the Setanta make, they were arguably the worst-looking buses of the entire fleet. The underfloor air-conditioning unit was also supplied by Hispacold. TIBS initially used these buses as replacement spares, but under SMRT Buses they have been confined to suburban bus services and for a while, Bukit Batok feeder services before wheelchair accessible buses were introduced. All units were withdrawn from service by November 2016.