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Unless for specific purposes or contract, buses purchased by private operators are usually in coach configuration with an emphasis for comfort, and are generally not wheelchair accessible.

Until the introduction of Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), private bus operations on public bus routes were historically confined to legacy Scheme B routes (which are today numbered in the 6XX range). Originally meant to supplement high demand routes that public operators are unable to cope, very few Scheme B routes currently remain in existence. In more recent times, private buses also began operating on premium bus services (PBS) and scheduled cross-border services.

Part of BSEP included introducing a competitive tender system. It allowed private bus operators to bid for two types of new routes, introduced in 2014. The first was City Direct services from January, where two-directional peak hour trips from the Central Business District (CBD) to the residental towns were made. The second type, started in April 2014, was the Peak Period Short Service (PPSS) to supplement the high demand of feeder routes during peak hours; it was essentially a reincarnation of Scheme B services as it duplicates large portions of existing feeder routes operated by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses. The main difference between Scheme B buses and City Direct/PPSS routes is that the former charges a flat fare, while the latter accepts EZ-Link cards and uses the distance fares regime. PPSS and City Direct contracts are highly sought after by private operators who are seeking to expand sufficiently to meet the minimum eligibility for bidding GCM parcel tenders.

Private tourist coaches/buses also operate in Singapore, of which a few major operators are listed here as well.