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In 2007, SBS Transit received a new low-entry single-deck WAB demonstrator from Volvo, at a time when a large number of single-deck orders were being considered. Registered as SBS8030L this B7RLE is powered by the Euro IV-compliant Volvo D7E290-EC06 engine (7,148cc) and fitted with the automatic ZF 6HP554N Ecomat transmission. The EDS unit was supplied by Cool-Air and air-conditioning was from Denso of Japan.

The bus is unique in several aspects - the rear section has a round-about seating rather than the standard 5-seater bench, Pico modular seating, and a vibrant white interior as compared to the majority of K230UBs. Soon Chow, who was a major customer for SBS in the 80s, has shown to have reinvented itself with a very bold and elegant design - such that the fans dubbed it "The Transformer"! It was also the first bus to feature two granny seats at the front section of the bus - till the arrival of the Euro EEV K230UBs.

While several B9TL double-deckers were bought and a track record of B10Ms on the roads, SBS Transit eventually chose the K230UB over the B7RLE. One year later, it was decided that the bus would be purchased rather be returned to Volvo, to the delight of bus fans who were able to ride it for a number of years. By 2016, SBS8030L was reassigned as a training bus at Hougang Depot.