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The Duple-Metsec B10M-60 Mark IV was introduced by Singapore Bus Services (SBS) in 1995. It is distinct from the DM3500 batch that appeared on the roads two years later. Early units were fitted with Volvo THD101GD engine (9,603cc), while the later ones received the THD102KF engine (9,603cc) that is Euro I compliant. Selected units were fitted with Voith DIWA automatic transmission, and 4-speed ZF 4HP 500 for the rest of the fleet. Air-conditioning was supplied by Sutrak. A total of 115 units were purchased and these buses typically operate on short to medium-haul services that are not yet declared as wheelchair accessible.

The last vehicles of this model were withdrawn from service by April 2015.

Additionally, then SBS unsuccessfully trialed two different lengths of this model, both of the same Duple Metsec bodywork:
* The 14.5m Superlong, registered SBS997A, which was a tri-axle unit.
* The 19m articulated Volvo B10MA bus, registered SBS998Y and introduced in April 1996. It was the first articulated bus to be introduced by then SBS to test the viability of bendy bus operations and was promoted as "Asia's Longest Bus". It was the only puller articulated bus to enter revenue service in Singapore, powered by the THD102KB engine and fitted with 4-speed ZF 4HP 590 automatic transmission. Air-conditioning was supplied by Sutrak and flip-dot EDS from Mobitec. It was sold along with another O405G demonstrator to New Zealand in 2006.