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The history of Volvo B10M with Singapore Bus Services, and later SBS Transit, began with the 1986 trial of a Van Hool Alizée-bodied Volvo B10M-61 Mark I demonstrator (SBS9C). The bus was air-conditioned and had a successful trial on services 9, 111 and 118. No further Mk Is were purchased. After 13 years on Singapore roads it was sold and exported to Christchurch, New Zealand. As of 2013, the demonstrator remains in active service and is re-registered as ZH6548 with Nimon & Sons (Nimbus) operating as a schoolbus. SBS9C was fortunate enough to be given a second lease of life, a privilege also afforded to the two articulated buses SBS Transit sold 7 years later.

Following the successful trial of SBS9C, Singapore Bus Services made the first major order of what would be a generation of Volvo buses for the 90s. Fitted with the Volvo THD101GC engine (9,600cc) and ZF 4HP 500 4-speed automatic transmission, these Volvo B10M-61 Mark II buses would serve alongside with the Scania N113CRB fleet.

First introduced in 1988, all 200 Mk II buses were delivered non air-conditioned, and fitting of bodywork was divided up equally between Walter Alexander and Duple Metsec. The door systems were supplied by Overton. For a couple of years these buses were assigned for cross-border service 170 to Johor Bahru. Half of these buses would eventually undergo refurbishment to be refitted with air-conditioning supplied by Denso, Sutrak, and Webasto, continuing service until they were displaced by the Mark IIIs.

Following two decades of loyal service, the last of these buses were finally retired in 2008 and replaced by Scania K230UBs.