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Having beaten all other manufacturers to introduce the first Euro VI bus in Singapore, ST Kinetics (now ST Engineering Land Systems) went on to win the Euro VI tender to produce Euro VI double-deck buses and the contract to produce Euro VI single-deck buses for LTA, thereby becoming the new staple fleet for LTA and its BCM operators.

Marketed as the Lion's City DD, the Euro VI MAN ND323F double-deck buses received an updated Gemilang Mark IV bodywork and has substantial interior differences as compared to its previous Gemilang Mark I to Mark III bodywork. These units received Gorba EDS (later units had a larger size display), Gorba LCD based passenger information displays (one set on the upper deck, one set on the lower deck, and a third set at the exterior forming part of the side route display), new seat cover design, two wheelchair spaces, Gorba LED interior displays at the front of each floor, and a operator-neutral door closing buzzer.

All units were fitted with MAN D2066 LUH-51 diesel engine, and fitted with 6-speed ZF Ecolife 6AP 2000B automatic transmission (with the exception of SG6029S). The fleet of Mark IV bodied MAN ND323F is distributed between SBS Transit, SMRT Buses, and Go-Ahead Singapore, and can be most commonly found on bus services introduced, altered, or enhanced by LTA from 2018 onwards.