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The Mercedes-Benz Citaro C2 is the third and current iteration of the fully integral Citaro offered by Evobus, as of 2016. One RHD (right hand drive) unit was brought in to Australia in its default configuration, and is under trial by Brisbane Transport as W1599. This demonstrator was fitted with the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 hLA (220kW/299hp) Euro VI engine and Voith DIWA.6 4-speed automatic transmission.

Originally receiving 052VYC as its registration, W1599 later switched to the personalised (vanity) plate 'CITARO'. Interior wise, the bus is comparable to SMB136C other than the new dashboard design, location of the radiator at the last row (on the left side) and the removal of rear-facing seats at the front wheel-arch. Its all white LED EDS was supplied by Hanover Displays.

Mercedes-Benz Australia was hoping that the Citaro would help boost sales of its commercial buses in the country, and has once even considered the prospect of allowing assembly to take place locally; its other major citybus offering is the OC500LE. However, its width of 2.55m has proven to be a formidable obstacle that is preventing the Citaro\'s wider introduction in Australia. The current Australian Design Rules or ADR standard sets the width at 2.5m, which according to the Australian Bus and Coach magazine if changed has major repercussions for the local bus manufacturers/bodybuilders/assemblers.