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Unified public transport identity in South Australia's capital city. Currently operated by three contractors under a competitive tender model.

Since 2000, Adelaide Metro is the unified public transport brand adopted for buses in Adelaide, South Australia. This brand has been subsequently expanded to include trams and suburban railways (our collection can be found in the Railways section). Adelaide Metro shares a few important commonalities with Transperth: Bus services are operated through competitive tendering and train services operated by the state government. Most buses are owned by the state government, though operators may from time to time supplement existing bus routes with their own smaller bus fleet. The Metrocard is the standard contactless smart card introduced since 2012.

Bus services in Adelaide are run by either one of the three privately-owned bus operators, SouthLink (owned by Keolis Downer), Torrens Transit/Torrens Connect (owned by Transit Systems, largest operator) and Busways. Serco and Transfield Services (trading as Light-City Buses) previously an operator but has since exited the market. The competitive tendering model went less smoothly in Adelaide when compared to Perth, and this has resulted in a less efficient and reliable bus network for Adelaide.

Adelaide Metro's system has a few key differences which are unique to this city. Firstly, flat fare is charged for all journeys regardless of distance traveled and offers unlimited transfers within a set period. Secondly shortworking trips are common and have a suffix attached to the route number, similar to how SBS Transit operates. Thirdly Adelaide operates the only guided busway in Australia known as the O-Bahn, making it one of the early adopters to the BRT concept. Forthly, long-distance routes either have express zones (X), limited stops (T), or "boarding-only"/"alighting-only" when before/after a certain bus stop (F). Finally most metropolitan railway services in Adelaide are still operated by diesel railcars, though electrification has already begun on certain lines. Metro Adelaide recently has been trialing new bus types to improve service quality, including double-deck buses and hybrid buses.

South Australia once had a major bodybuilding plant in Royal Park, which was home to Pressed Metal Corporation South Australia (PMCSA), Austral Pacific (AP or APG), Australian Bus Manufacturing (ABM) and then Custom Coaches. Several models featured below had their bodywork built at this plant. This plant was finally closed when Custom Coaches was placed into voluntary administration by Alexander-Dennis and Custom had to be saved by its original founder through a buyout.